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The Supporting Cast (1.12.15)

Is it possible for every human being to live out their boldest dream? Many people never figure out their true life’s purpose, but for the ones who do, it takes a cast of supporters to help that individual achieve it. At least, in my case it does.

Our family watches specific reality shows (e.g., “So You Think You Can Dance,” “American Idol,” etc.). It’s awesome watching the young people on those shows living out their visions. I think about all the family members and friends who have supported that person, enabling him or her to achieve those goals. It’s mind blowing. In order for one person to achieve a dream, other people become supporting characters in the play.

I am the mother of three young daughters, currently aged 12, 10, and 8. I want my children to live out their true life’s purpose. I want them to follow their hearts and live out their ambitions. I hope and pray to be able to support them in any way that I can to achieve those goals. But right now, my children and husband are supporting me to live out my dream. We homeschool our children, which creates great flexibility and freedom in deciding what, where, when, and how to learn. I have spent hours this past summer creating two websites for my businesses. During this process, I have asked my children and husband to be understanding and supportive of me. They are trying their best. I’m still a mom and wife 24/7, but they are giving me space to do my work, which I greatly appreciate. Then I wonder, what are they losing, temporarily, in order for me to gain my dream? I just had the best summer of my life—beautiful weather, walking on the beach every day, being a mom, being a wife, and working on my business. I am a wife and a homeschooling mother, balancing creating a business with creating a learning environment for our children. All I can do is try my best each and every day.

To my family, my cast of supporters—Nathan, Ashlee, Rachel, and Rosalina—thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me to reach my dream. In turn, I hope to help you reach yours.

Mommy Moo Moo