cartoon cow writing at a desk

The Little Bovine that Could (5.12.15)

I started this board book publishing business back in 2008. According to Shark Tank standards, I should pack up this “hobby” and move on with my life; however, I prefer to think of myself as “the little bovine that could.” I know in my heart and soul that this business is part of my life’s work. The journey has been interesting, educational, and very challenging.

Our first book, Loblolly, Loblolly, You’re So Tall was supposed to be ready for sale in 2014, but the printer that we selected to use, who had 30 years experience in the printing industry, was unable to produce board books that did not warp. IMG_4110That process took 9 months to resolve, and we still have no board books to sell to date. I swore that I would never, ever sell ebooks; however in an effort to get the first story out, we are now pursuing that option.

Did you know that it takes approximately 4 1/2 months to print and receive board books? Did you know that the majority of board books are printed in China? I will be sharing tidbits from this roller coaster ride to enlighten people about “overnight success.”