cartoon cow writing at a desk

The Sunset (2.5.16)

By Mommy Moo Moo
© 2000

The end of day.
A time for rest.
The sky beckons at the artist’s palette.
Blues, grays, pinks come forth.
It looks as if a window shade is being pulled down,
because there is a band of bright light sky
at the bottom – not ready to be tucked
in for the night.
The pink hues blend into the blues.

Two skies are fighting for dominance, yet I
know which one will conquer.

My stomach churns preparing to purge my body
Stuffing myself with sweets is not the answer.
Respect my body for what it really needs.
Love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

My bowels expel the waste once again.

Porch lights flicker on, growing brighter as the darkness descends.

The bright band begins to penetrate the ominous blue-gray above it.
The straight line of division no longer exists.

Tree branches look naked against the winter
night sky.
Bare, vulnerable, waiting.

Memories flood back of watching sunsets over
the Chesapeake Bay
camping with my family at Seashore State Park.
Carefree, happy, peaceful times.
Feeling safe and content. Thankful for God’s Blessings.

The gray is no longer a window shade, because the bright
white has broken through.
I’m amazed at the persistence of this small
band of light.
It’s not giving in to the larger color.

It looks as if I could follow tomorrow
if I drove into this light.
Baby blue is appearing in the white.
Subtle tones of pink are muffled among the gray.

I’ve never seen such a stubborn sunset.
It’s time for me to rest.