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Subconscious DJ x 3 (4.26.16)

I receive songs during my dream state. I refer to this information that I receive from God as my “Subconscious DJ.” I was raised Methodist, however I do not attend a church at this point in my life for a variety of reasons. For example, nature inspires me more than church services do.

We visited my parents in their small town on Easter Sunday which was March 27th. They had gotten a new minister, so I was hopeful that he was a good speaker. Unfortunately, to me, he wasn’t. The highlight of the one hour service was singing hymns as a congregation. It was comforting to hear familiar songs from my upbringing in the church.

On April 8th, one of these hymns came to me during my dream state. I keep a pad of paper and pen next to my nightstand to write down information that I receive during my sleep. I knew that this was a church hymn, but couldn’t recall any of the words, just the tune. I knew it was important, so I got up and went into the bathroom so that I wouldn’t disturb my husband while he slept. The only words that I could hear or understand were “eternal rest” and “Emmanuel.” During my half awake state, I was determined to figure this message out and made dots to represent “notes” of the music to research the song in the morning. To make certain that I got the tune, I wrote out the musical phrase 3 different times. (See image below). My parents gave my brother and me a Methodist Hymnal years ago as a gift. The next day I searched through the pages in the 300s, because I vaguely remembered that one of the songs Easter Sunday began with a “3.” I found the song on page 303. The hymn is called “The Day of Resurrection” by John of Damascus and translated by John Mason Neale (1862).

Besides the beautiful melody and the theme about Christ’s resurrection, I found the words and additional messages fascinating. I loved seeing the words “earth,” “heaven,” “world,” “sky,” etc. I like the line “Our hearts be pure from evil, we may see aright.” I also like “Let all things seen and unseen their notes in gladness blend,” – to me, that is the yin and yang of Life. The lightness and the darkness. Fortunately, and unfortunately, we have to experience the good and the bad in order to be balanced and to appreciate each side’s purpose to teach us our life’s lessons.

In this hymn, Christ the Lord is referenced as part of the Christian Easter story. Jesus Christ is not just “the Son of God.” He was a master teacher and healer. Reike energy, which is considered “alternative energy” today, is based on the healing energy that Jesus used to create miraculous healings to get people’s attention to teach them valuable lessons. Jesus was also a storyteller. He used stories to educate and enlighten people about God and life’s lessons. Jesus came into our world to create a new way, or a new path, for how we can relate to God. He created a shift for people to love God, not fear God.

Did you know that numerology is the study of numbers? Each number has a spiritual meaning, a special energetic vibration, and a symbolic message for human beings. The number 3 represents the Trinity and mind-body-spirit harmony. Note all of the “3s” in this dream message. I wrote the tune down 3 times, the hymn is “303.” Everything is connected.

Now it’s up to me to figure out the message. Dreams and information are like art, music, theatre, and literature. We can all see it, hear it, read it, and experience it, yet interpret the information differently. Pay attention to the Universe. It may surprise you.