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No Irish Need Apply (3.17.17)

I’ve been reflecting a lot about St. Patrick’s Day, culture, and immigration. I don’t know my heritage, however I sense that I have some Irish roots. I consider myself a Heinz 57 and honor whatever nationalities resonate within me. My husband is 3rd generation Greek and Italian (theoretically – who know’s what’s really in everyone’s genes). Nathan’s uncle told us that when Nathan’s grandfather arrived in New York he acted like he was deaf so that he would not have to talk and that’s how he got work in the baking industry. He was a hard worker, applied himself, and achieved the American dream by being an entrepreneur of various businesses. He once hired Frankie Valli to open up his donut shop and he owned a restaurant on the top of the Santa Barbara airport. The American dream is American because we are a melting pot. Happy St. Patrick’s Day – one of the many nationalities and cultures we celebrate as Americans.