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Good Riddance Rx Drug Effects (3.20.17)

Disclaimer: Make wise choices for yourself and your healthcare. This article is not intended as medical advice. If you are inspired to make changes, listen to your true self and discuss your goals with your medical doctor. I am not an expert. This is my experience.

I took prescription drugs from the age of 15-37. The first drug I took was an antibiotic for “acne” or teenage pimples. From my current perspective, the diet I was on at the time included highly manufactured foods which probably caused the “acne.” Fast forward 22 years. By the end of my prescription drug journey I was on 5 medications for allergies + anti-depressant + anti-anxiety drug + a brand name drug that cost a fortune to manage a pituitary tumor = 8 total meds. Trust me, there was a boatload of medication being prescribed and consumed by me during the roller coaster ride through Legal Drug Land. I probably could have travelled around the world 5 times with what I spent on prescription drugs. Once I realized that I was caught in a vicious cycle of being stuck and feeling worse, I became determined to take charge of my healthcare and to become holistic. The adage “physician, heal thyself” kept running through my head. I also wanted to be as pure as possible to get pregnant and to become a mother. I was able to transition off of all of the drugs with chiropractic care, massage, and acupuncture. I have been prescription drug free for 16 years, however I sensed that I still needed to release the following thought patterns and energetic programming:

Releasing Energetic Patterns, Effects, and Programming from taking Prescription Drugs

Following are free flowing words with no correct punctuation from my morning walk. I have noted a few words below in bold face that were in my “Notes.” I cannot figure out the substitute word(s), yet the sentences parallel the feminine energy that is rising at this time period.

I release all effects on my body, mind, spirit, and energy fields from all prescription drugs that I have taken throughout my lifetime

I clear all energies that allowed me to be found and controlled by these prescription drugs with known affects

I release the power and the energy that these medical doctors had over me and my body mind and spirit

I release all chemical energy that is still inside my brain and my cells that were affected by these prescription drugs

I release all the sadness associated with spending so much of my hard earned money on these prescription drugs

I release all the sadness surrounding all of the money I paid an insurance company to enable me to get these prescription drugs

I release all anger resentment and rage associated with these primarily male doctors who prescribed these drugs as if they were giving me oxygen to breathe

I forgive myself for believing that these medical doctors were the answers to all of my aches and pains and sadness depression and dysfunction

I forgive myself and all of these doctors and pharmacists and drug companies for keeping me spinning in circles by medicating myself with legal drugs that were only creating more and more problems within myself

I release all anger and sadness associated with all of my time and energy that was wasted jumping through these various hoops trying to heal myself with ineffective therapies

I release the heaviness in my heart and soul from following these remedies that created nothing but profits for the medical doctors, the insurance companies, and the pharmaceutical companies

I release all energy that is associated with giving someone else the power to heal myself

I embrace my intuition I embrace my wisdom I embrace my body mind and spirit to communicate with me to let me know what I need to do for myself and for her [I was dictating into my phone and have no idea what word was supposed to be substituted for “her,” however I trust that this message is honest and true] to be the healthiest most balanced person I can be

I embrace intuition I embrace feelings and sensations that her messages to guide me to the best choices for the highest good of my body mind spirit and energy field

I forgive my parents for allowing me to take prescription drugs. I know in my heart and soul that they did the best that they could with what information they had to help me however this path of choice was not appropriate for me

I forgive the psychiatric doctors that prescribed the medication for me during 15 minute appointments who barely knew who I was as a person yet gave me powerful medications that affected my brain my sleep my anxiety and never really addressing who I am as a person and what I really needed

I forgive all of the pharmacists who never bothered to alert me to the risks of taking so many medications with so many unknowns side effects. I forgive the pharmacists for acting like prostitutes for the pharmaceutical companies that act like pimps

I forgive myself for putting these toxic prescription drugs into my body that was designed to heal itself

I am the physician to heal myself

I thank God that I do not have a primary care physician because the primary care physician is me

I am thankful that I did not die from an adverse drug reaction

I am thankful that I did not wreck my car while driving and taking so many prescription medications

I forgive my allergy doctor for prescribing so many medications for me including allergy shots that never ever worked in the long run

I forgive the greedy Doctor Who specialized in pain for getting me onto antidepressants as a solution to pain management

I forgive the dermatologist who in hindsight was a sadomasochist who thrived on the power of calling the pharmacy immediately after my appointments and every other patient’s appointments to prescribe prescription drugs.

I forgive the local pharmacy for publicly embarrassing me by calling out my name for when my prescription drugs were ready along with all of their other customers

I forgive the insurance companies for creating massive profits for themselves at the expense of my health and wellness

I release any and all power that these prescription drugs themselves the energy that is associated with them the thoughts associated with them the “benefits” associated with them the unknown side effects associated with them and the entire dysfunctional system of healthcare to be released from my body mind spirit and energy field in every direction through all aspects of time known and unknown

I forgive any and all counselors who suggested that I take antidepressants and to see a psychiatrist for specific medication to help me through my healing process

I am powerful I am healthy I am whole I am strong I am energetic I am dynamic I am in tune with my body mind spirit and energy fields I am exceptional I am balanced I am magnificent I am vital I am clear I am happy I am satisfied I am beautiful I am wise I am knowledgeable I am calm I am safe I am well I am content I am

I am responsible for what I put into my body and I am responsible for my own health. I accept this responsibility with gratitude.