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Bioengineered Viruses (4.8.17)

Rosalina and I have been processing a virus for the past 18 days. We picked up the virus from a dance instructor during a private dance class for Rachel and Rosalina. The young woman was sick the previous week. Back in the old days, viruses were the most contagious during the first three days of the virus or whenever a person is running a fever. We met with this young woman on day 8 of her virus. On that day she had difficulty raising her voice to instruct the children due to her respiratory symptoms. I learned later that the instructor insisted on holding hands with Rosalina during the class which I felt was an odd way to show someone how to dance. Rachel never touched the woman and to date has not gotten the virus. The class was held on a Tuesday. Friday morning, Rosalina got ready to attend an appointment with us and crashed. Later that evening she was violently throwing up. As her mother and nurse-maid, I sat with her in the half-bath and held her as she threw up for 2 and a half hours straight. I knew that I was at a high risk of catching the virus. I cared for Rosalina for the next 7 days as her 10 year old little body processed this nasty virus. We take care of our bodies primarily with homeopathic remedies, healthy food, and essential oils, therefore I was reinforcing her body to fight off the virus as naturally as possible. I began sinking with symptoms of the virus on day 7 of Rosalina’s virus.

I used to work with children in after-school programs and summer camps for 6 years back in late 1980s and the early ’90s. I was exposed to the petri dish of germs circulating in school environments for 6 years. It seemed as though I caught viruses more easily than my co-workers – and I was in a daycare setting myself from the ages of 3 to 4! You would think that my body has been exposed to a lot more germs than the average person from these types of experiences. (My chiropractor claims that our bodies are building immunities every time we get a cold or virus. Yeah, right.) Back in the ’80s and ’90s the viruses were always the same. They would start out with the same symptoms and progress each day with a recognizable pattern – sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, coughing, maybe a fever, congestion, stopped up ears, etc.

To me, the viruses of today appear to be genetically engineered. Even though Rosalina and I share the same DNA and are 43 years apart, we experienced the same exact order of symptoms on the same exact day the new symptoms appeared just like clock work. Here’s a rough sample list of symptoms:

Day 1

Super sore throat. Would not talk.

Threw up 2.5 hours in evening

Day 2

Super sore throat continued.



Day 3




Day 4





Thick phlegm

Day 9

Pain in upper stomach

Day 10

Pain in sternum when swallowing

Day 11

Bronchial cough from deep inside

Day 13



Day 14

Sinus infection – yellow mucus, sneezing, sinus pain, congestion, runny nose

The biggest difference in our viruses is that I didn’t throw up at all. And we take care of our bodies a little differently. I drink lots more water than Rosalina does and I eat many more vegetables than she does.

In the past several years, I feel like we are being bombarded with man-made viruses designed to boost sales in over-the-counter drugs, doctor’s visits, and prescription drug medications. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to release invisible germs into the open air to spread more germs. God help us protect ourselves and our environment from corporate greed and profits.