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Learning from Viruses (11.26.17)

I had a virus at the end of October that lasted approximately 4-5 weeks. It was a doozy. Following are some notes that I made during one of the days that I was processing this beast.

Viral symptoms, areas in which they affected me along with my interpretation of the blocked and/or inflamed energy:

Low back pain – my foundation; residual energy from car accident #1; location for sexual energy

Bronchitis – clearing my childhood voice; clearing my adult voice; clearing my lungs to breathe more deeply and completely

First ear infection ever in my right ear – right means giving; clearing all of the trash out of my ears from hearing negative messages about my body, my body’s purpose (to please a man); my femininity; my sexuality

Ulcer in my mouth underneath my tongue – constant pain; a reminder of chronic ulcers from childhood years, teenage years, and young adulthood

Affirmations to Change and Shift the Energy:

I release all pain associated with my low back.

I release all blocks to my voice.

I release all blocks to my hearing.

I release all pain associated with my mouth and tongue.

I speak clearly.

I am pain free.

I am clear.

I am comfortable.

I am balanced.

I am strong and flexible.

I am breathing easily and comfortably.

I am balanced.

I am healthy.

I am strong.

I am flexible.

I am strong like an oak tree and flexible like a loblolly tree.

I release this protective facade from around myself and transform it into more strength, flexibility, authenticity, truth, health, balance, clarity, consciousness, vitality, light, love, advocacy, creativity, spontaneity, faith, safety, trust, peace, serenity, bliss, community, connection, compassion, courage, beauty, health, wellness, celebration, magic, experience, joy, elation, unity, breathe, calmness, wholeness, leadership, collaboration, forgiveness, understanding, empathy, and love.


*P.S. “A-women” is how my daughters and I close our prayers, because it includes women and men and feels more balanced. Rosalina, my youngest daughter, is the most insistent and consistent in saying “A-women” instead of “A-men.” In hindsight, she may have came up with the term.)