cartoon cow writing at a desk

Family Fatigue (12.20.17)

As I am ramping up my energy taking Mommy Moo Moo to the next level, my family seems to be fatigued. I’ve been launching this self-publishing business for 8-9 years. My husband supports my dream, but his real dream is to step away from our primary business of 26 years and ride off into the sunset with me beside him. He doesn’t want me to be distracted and stressed out from the challenges from the next level of this new board book business.

Our daughters are currently 15, 13, and 11. The kids love the stories that I have written and the characters that I have created and support me 100%, but I’ve noticed that our two oldest daughters’ enthusiasm for Mommy Moo Moo has diminished. Is it because they want to make their own mark on the world, or is it because they are exhausted from the uphill climb in this new business? It feels like it is a combination of both.

My overall goal is to live a balanced life of taking the best care of myself, being the best wife, being the best mother, and fulfilling my marching orders from the Universe to “connect people with people, people with nature, and people with the earth.” Attracting and hiring the best people at the best time to assist me with my evolving business will help me fulfill my overall goal.

I have written 18 other stories that are waiting to be published! I am the visionary and art director co-creating these books with the best illustrators. Ideally, every Mommy Moo Moo Board Book will be illustrated by a different artist, because I love art and I want to celebrate different styles of artwork. I want to play with fellow artists to create magical stories that will “wow” children and adults. I’m ready and set to go!

I am the visionary and art director co-creating Udderly Ridiculous® cartoons with the best illustrators. Again, ideally each cartoon will be illustrated by various artists, however I’ve learned that the creative process is just that – it’s a process. I have my list of concepts ready to go – I just need the resources (money) and illustrators. My goal is to post a cartoon on the Mommy Moo Moo website every Friday for TGITFUR (Thank God It’s Time For Udderly Ridiculous)! Back in the old days, B.K. (Before Kids), I collected cow cards and placed my treasures in 3-ring binders for joy and prosperity. I love cows, I love cartoons, and I love art. It’s not a coincidence that when I was growing up, I stood in the gift card aisle in Giant Food grocery store reading every card in the rack while my mother grocery shopped. I knew where to find nourishment – in the gift card aisle! Who needs food when you can regenerate yourself with laughter.

I need all of my amazing helpers to show up in perfect time so that I don’t have to manage the business details of the business. I know how to run a business, however I prefer to be creative rather than administrative. I have a knack for marketing, however I need exceptional people to assist me with harnessing the social media stratosphere, managing PR, advertising, etc.

During this new moon, I trust that God and the Universe will continue to guide me and bless me on my journey to fulfill my life’s mission. I also ask that my family be infused with new energy and awareness to support me and my dream and that I, in turn, support their dreams.