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Google Searches and Protecting Our Children (12.30.17)

Mommy Moo Moo supports the Southern Poverty Law Center, because we believe in treating other people like you want to be treated. Following is a link that I want to share with you parents about Google searches and our children who have easy access to mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc.

The Miseducation of Dylann Roof

I share this link because we, as parents, need to be armed with information about the technology that our children are growing up with. This specific video discusses how Dylann Roof was misguided to murder 9 innocent African American people as they welcomed him into their church for prayer and support. Charleston, SC is near and dear to our family’s heart since it is near our home in Pawleys Island, SC. The kids and I visited and prayed with complete strangers out on the sidewalk of Mother Emanuel Church to provide healing for these senseless murders promoted by racist fears.

We, as parents, can see that Google and other resources on the world wide web can provide tremendous help and irreparable harm to our children. Be aware. Talk with your children. Keep conversations open and be available to ask questions, provide answers, and be the best parent you can be in the information technology age. Our children need us to guide them. We are the adults with age and wisdom while they are young children and teenagers with their minds growing and developing every day.