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Mothering and Surviving Disney 2017 (1.26.18)

I dictated these stream of consciousness notes into my phone during a morning walk on the beach on May 14, 2017. I am currently on a writing retreat, unearthed the notes, and here we are…

May 14, 2017

Mothering is not gender specific

I am a mother by choice, thanks to Roe vs. Wade

The power of positive thinking

The Glass is half full

Accentuate the positive

Put on a happy face

Walking on the beach Mother’s Day May 14, 2017

High tide

Awesome breeze

Too many people

Feels like I’m walking on the highway

A woman [regular beach walker] that walks a bird-dog (that acts like it’s on speed and has ADD) loses her dog within three minutes of me passing her

The dog is nowhere in sight, and the mother does not look concerned at all

Sunscreen toxicity is burning my nostrils [People spray this shit onto themselves to protect themselves and their children from skin cancer, yet aerosol sunscreen has been proven to kill grass on golf courses from the golfers applying it to themselves while standing on the tee boxes.]

Saw a dog running across the public boardwalk, goes up to the mother [owner], and then she gives it a treat, and puts it on a leash

Absolute miracle

I hope and pray that I am the kind of mother that my children want to be around when they grow up and not just come visit me out of guilt

I like to MATE – Mothers Against a Trashy Earth

Mother by choice

I survived Disney May 2017 and made half of my kids’ dreams come true

The kids and I overheard one mother at Disney say 3 days at Disney is 2 days too many

Walt Disney was created by a forward thinking, imaginative human being. Today the Disney experience is all about making money and greed.

What I hate about Disney

Long lines

Confusing transportation to the park

The heat – and that is in early May

sunscreen on the people around me Burning my nose

Many of the rides and exhibits are shut down for improvements

The carousel is out of order

The hall of presidents is shut down [to add Trump ?!?]

Tom Sawyer’s Island was shut down

Stores on Main Street were shut down

Disney employees were actually yelling at the customers while trying to manage them

Most of the employees seem to be unhappy compared to when we came here 6 years ago

Very little shade

No restaurant options for people with multiple food allergies

Inconsistent security checks going into the park

An employee at a coffee kiosk at the ticket and transportation center slamming the window closed on me out of anger. [I would have reported him if I didn’t have to catch the damn transportation bus!]

Did not experience the fun characters on main street (Barber Shop Quartet, Ladies dressed in Victorian clothing) doing impromptu entertainment like we did 6 years ago

Highlights of Disney

Returning to the hotel

Riding in the amazing hotel bus when we finally caught it on time

30 seconds of happiness and joy in between all of the long lines of waiting

Seeing mama and baby ducklings throughout the park

Elena of Avalor actually making conversation with my daughters that seemed real

Seeing Cinderella outshined by Elena of Avalor


Seeing baby ducklings [that hatched on the property] with Merida

Seeing Chewbacca and Olaf hugging my husband instead of shaking his extended hand

Insisting to hug my husband instead of shaking his hand

Hearing the story about Mickey Mouse in our hotel being captivated by Kali, our Cairn Terrier, when my husband took her out for a brief walk

Laughing for two hours straight with my kids at the character breakfast at the hotel meeting Goofy, Mickey, and Minnie

Dancing with Minnie Mouse