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Guns and Hatred, Idiots (2.17.18)

Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Pulse, Vegas, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. It’s not mental health idiots, it’s easy access to guns combined with deep rooted hatred of specific groups of people in our society. How dare Trump address children seeking help if they are feeling lonely when he is spearheading the largest campaign to ever stoke fear and violence in our country. How dare this “president” address our nation about a national tragedy in Florida and never mention the easy access to the AR-15 rifle to implement this carnage.

Commercial break: “Do Google searches for the quick and easy pathway to purchase your AR-15 rifle today.”

I was curious to see what an AR-15 rifle looks like. God, it must be small and easy to transport, because an Uber driver transported Cruz to the school and didn’t notice this large weapon? I typed in the words “AR-15 rifle” and the first listing Google offered was not information about the gun, but the opportunity to buy the gun. My search was trumped (pun unintended initially) by “ar 15 rifle for sale.” Look at the purpose and the intention from Google for this research – I type in “AR-15 rifle” and get leads for those words + “for sale,” “price,” “cost,” and “stock.”

Then I thought, “What the hell, let’s see where this lead goes…” and selected the “AR-15 rifle for sale.” 24,200,000 results. Damn. This is awesome! I got to get me one!

I cleared my head and said, “No, let’s go back to the basic search.” and here is what I noticed:

Two of three top stories saying, “Stocks Rise for Maker of AR-15 Rifle Used in the Florida School Shooting” and “AR-15s are not the problem, manufacturers say after the rifle-wielding

teenage gunman kills…” I’m sure that these nuggets of wisdom are comforting to everyone who lost a loved one or friend during this killing rampage.

Then I thought, “How in the world is the media going to create a sound bite out of this long ass high school name for this tragic story?” Google searched “who is marjory stoneman douglas” and learned that Marjory Stoneman Douglas was a female (gasp!) and an environmental activist (yikes!).

Irony? I think not. #Nocoincidences. Connect the dots. Male energy raping the earth through offshore drilling, gas pipelines running through national parks and indigenous people’s sacred land; male energy raping and assaulting females in the workplace; male gunmen killing innocent people; male energy spearheading corporate greed; male energy suppressing gay rights, etc. We need to assert more feminine energy with the current masculine energy. This conflict about masculine vs. feminine is what the 2016 U.S. Presidential election was about.

I support the 2nd Amendment in the U.S. Bill of Rights. Owning firearms and protecting oneself is a basic right according to the laws of our land. But no hunter or sportsman needs an assault rifle to shoot animals. This entire conversation is absurd. Hunting is what people had to do in the beginning of our country to provide food to survive. Grocery stores now provide the majority of our food sources.

Yes, people need to be able to defend themselves and I support that right, but easy access to guns creates more danger and risk to our society. Most Americans support stronger gun control laws, however once Trump was elected president, he immediately quietly signed a bill revoking gun checks for people with mental illnesses. Hmmm….Trump and the Republican leaders claim that “mental illness” is the problem, yet they roll back a law established to PREVENT mentally ill people from accessing these weapons of mass destruction. MAKES NO SENSE, except to profit the NRA and the gun manufacturers. Gun manufacturers and the ancillary businesses make money off of innocent lives lost.

As American leaders receiving money from the NRA cast their guilty eyes down and look the other way, one teenager took them to task. Hooray for Cameron Kasky. We need real-life action. You can call it “gun control,” “gun management,” or you can call it “keep the guns out of fucked-up people’s hands.” But how can we do that when Donald Trump claimed that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and it would not affect his 2016 presidential campaign. Who’s mentally ill? Him or us?