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Facebook = Criminals (4.9.18)

God willing, Facebook will face the music and become a legitimate business. I’ve never liked Facebook, because to me the business was built on negative energy. Theoretically, Zuckerberg took 2 other people’s ideas and ran with them, because he could figure out the coding to get the job done. Furthermore, he created the platform acting out of vengeance to get back at a girlfriend who broke up with him. Grow up asshole.

I advertised with Facebook last summer and fell for their “boost this post for $5.00 per day for 7 days.” I thought, “What’s the harm? I can afford that.” They also had specific audiences that you could select to get the boosted ad/post to the best people for your product. I gleefully selected topics like “nature-lovers, grandparents, mothering, baby-wearing, natural family living, parenting, babies/toddlers, attachment parenting, etc.” The people that responded to my “boosted ad” were from foreign countries and there was not one person aligned with my business purpose and mission.

Although I agreed to spend a total of $35.00 with this Facebook advertising campaign, somehow, some way Facebook charged my personal credit card which I NEVER gave them one set of fees and my business credit card which I did give to them to pay for this business expense another set of fees. In the end, I was charged approximately $750.00 for advertising that resulted in bizarre, disconnected customers in foreign countries of which many of them appeared to be on drugs, in the sex trade, and/or associated with terrorist organizations.

Facebook is readily available and accessible to take your money, but as soon as you want to talk about a problem with them, they are hidden in Deep Space 9 so that you may eventually give up. They are fucking criminals. I had to resolve my Facebook fraudulent charges with my bank and my credit card companies and thankfully, they supported my claims, because I had proof that I was overcharged for this “business agreement.” I didn’t contact additional government agencies to report this unethical experience, because I am a small business owner marketing my business product while also raising and homeschooling young children.

So am I surprised that Facebook is in trouble for “allegedly” possibly affecting the 2016 U.S. Presidential election? Not at all. In fact they made a FORTUNE off of that election and every other conflict in our culture, because people want to rant and rave about the injustices in our society and what better way than to jump on the easily, accessible bandwagons that scream the loudest. After all, we’re living in reality TV, not real life anymore. Buyer beware if you decide to advertise with FB though, you might as well go flush your money down the toilet. And trust me, it will lead to the sewer.