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Trumptinstiltskin (7.16.18)

Holy shit. I watched the Trump-Putin summit this morning. I like to watch things happening live to form my own opinion about world events. I am not shocked at what I witnessed, because it confirmed all of my feelings about this bizarre new and improved relationship with Russia. I don’t like Putin. He rubs me the wrong way. He looks like a combination of a fox, a snake, and a cold blooded lizard. He resembles Voldemort. He appears arrogant and authoritarian and he lies. He became a billionaire by allowing the gas and oil companies to drill for oil in Russia along with his other nefarious business dealings. Putin’s goal is world domination. Russia #1. Essentially, the gas and oil companies and Russia bought the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. For heaven’s sake, Rex Tillerson, former CEO of ExxonMobile, was the first Secretary of State appointed by Trump!

Tillerson went out to pasture months ago, but we still have the bromance between Trump and Putin. Trump initiated the private meeting which was scheduled for 90 minutes with only two interpreters present. What leader of the free world would meet with their largest adversary for over 70 years all by him or herself with just an interpreter? Stupid is as stupid does. What the hell did they talk about? Well, Trump likes to talk about himself and how great he is, therefore I figure he talked about:

  • beating Hillary Clinton
  • Trump hotels and when they can move forward to break ground for several huge ones in Russia
  • building golf courses in Russia featuring gold plated golf balls decorated like Fabergé eggs
  • how great his run was with The Apprentice
  • the Trump brand
  • how hot the Russian models are
  • the awesome perks of being the U.S. President

I can’t imagine that he would talk to Putin about:

  • his relationship with his wife
  • his children
  • that he’s in way over his head at his current job
  • creating world peace
  • helping those who are less fortunate than him

No one except the two interpreters, Trump, and Putin will ever know what was discussed during this private meeting which was stupid and dangerous for the United States. How the hell did Trump’s people around him let him go through with this meeting? Do they see the writing on the wall? That Trump’s days in office are soon coming to an end? Did they say, “Oh what the hell. Let’s see how this plays out. He’s got great instincts.”

Here is what I observed about the Trump-Putin press conference. Immediately before the news conference began, a gray-haired older male news reporter was almost tackled by “security” agents and removed from the room very forcefully. He was holding up an 8.5″ x 11″ white piece of paper saying, “Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty.” I’m sure that tensions were high concerning this U.S.-Russian summit, however this brute show of force set the tone for controlling the room and the environment.

Trump scored big points for being taller and larger than Putin. Beyond that, Putin won the strong-man contest. I sensed that while Putin was thrilled with this coup, he was also nervous, because this was his largest world stage yet. Putin spoke first, therefore it showed that he was in control of the event. He read from pages and pages of 8.5″ x 11″ papers. He went on and on and on. I’m an intelligent person and tried very hard to listen to what he was saying, but I was also packing to leave my writing retreat, therefore I couldn’t focus 100% like I wanted to, but Trump was his true self. He tried to look presidential and powerful. He acted like he was listening to Putin, but I could tell that he was bored. I’m confident that he had a wire in his ear and was being coached or corrected by someone on his team. At one point during Putin’s speech, Trump look uninterested and looked in the opposite direction of Putin with his eyes floating upward into the sky like a little kid with his mind somewhere else. Then it seemed like someone redirected him and said, “Look at Putin. Nod your head. Keep your attention on Putin. This is a big moment. Stay focused.” For a man like Trump who has a 3 second attention span, I know this Putin speech was incredibly boring.

Although I listen to what people are saying, body language communicates much more than words do. There were a limited amount of questions from reporters and they seemed pre-selected and controlled. When Putin was responding to questions, he was consistently slightly shrugging his shoulders as he spoke. Putin, a former KGB agent, not being able to fully control his body language while he lied through his teeth on world-wide television. I’m sure the FBI enjoyed watching this show. And the piece de resistance was Trump’s response when a reporter asked, “Do you believe your 17 intelligence agencies that have proof that Russia interfered with the 2016 election or do you believe Putin?” Trump, the tall, towering man next to Putin looked and acted like a small child and said in so many words, “I believe Putin.”

The transcript of the words spoken during the press conference are telling. The first question from a Russian reporter focused on natural gas aka fossil fuels. Hmmm….. then Trump describes Putin as a “competitor” concerning this global commodity. It becomes more obvious every day that Putin had to have Donald Trump win the U.S. Presidential election, because if Hillary Clinton or any Democrat had won, the U.S. may have shifted laws and policies toward sustainable energy, thus leaving Putin’s gold mine in the dust over the next decade. The shift away from fossil fuels is bigger than gas and oil companies can manage, but between the three leaders – Big Oil (which includes gas and coal), Putin, and Trump – their days are numbered and they are doing everything in their power to hold on to old paradigms and greed.

The other important information to note from the transcript, is the contrast of what Trump read which was written for him to say versus his inability to answer questions in his own words. This man’s thought processes are limited, his vocabulary is limited, his grasp of knowledge is limited, etc. It’s frightening to watch the U.S. President which used to be one of the most powerful people in the world fumble the ball consistently on the home and world stage. It’s time for the people of the United States to say, “Trumptinstiltskin, you’re fired.”