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Making Waves (10.9.16)

As #HurricaneMatthew wreaks havoc at our second home and dear friends in Pawleys Island, SC, it is important to recognize that #MotherNature has a plan and everything happens for a reason. I believe that we humans are contributing to #globalwarming. I also believe that hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, etc. are part of a cleansing cycle in nature just like in all other aspects of life. So during this time of clearing, I invite you to release that which you no longer need in order to create what you want to live and experience in your life. I have not been able to sleep well for the past 2 weeks. Is it anxiety about the weather or is it anxiety about me needing to change? My husband claims that I work on my soul 24/7. I do. That’s who I am and I have been operating with those marching orders since I was born. I have a #purpose in this life and I am going to live it. For me, I release the following energies, patterns, and behaviors across my current family and across every generation of my ancestors – the sins of my father which include sexual abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, addictions, alcoholism, anger, depression and all other negative behaviors known and unknown. I release the following energies, patterns, and behaviors among my mothers – the martyr syndrome and the victim syndrome which include settling for less, keeping their heads in the sand, denial, feeling powerless, acting like a doormat, not being assertive, not setting clear boundaries, being voiceless, caring for everyone else first instead of practicing self-care first, and all other negative behaviors known and unknown. I am aware that all of these energetic patterns and behaviors are not specific to one gender and that they cross over to each gender at varying degrees in my family system. Our souls are here to learn, grow, and evolve. I want to be the best person that I can be as a woman, a spouse, a mother, a daughter, and a sister. I believe in going with the flow, but #HurricaneMatthew has inspired me to make waves.