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Blog, Blog, Blog (4.2.17)

I’m a newcomer to social media. I’m self-taught on the computer and I use the computer and information available on the computer to meet my specific needs. I’ve heard of blogs, but I don’t read any blogs. I feel like the word “blog” is one of the ugliest words imaginable. To me it reminds me of “vomit.” I used to think, “Gross. It sounds like people are vomiting their thoughts all over the internet.” When I created my Mommy Moo Moo website I wanted to have a blog, but I refused to call it a blog. I decided on the term “musings.” To me musings sounds like I am putting some heart and soul into the message that I am writing – at least that is my intention. It can take me hours to write one musings article. It took me 6 frickin hours to write a post about Steve Bannondue to the heartburn I was experiencing about that topic. Back in the old days, Disney channel had a TV show called Dog with a Blog. That was the only time that I actually enjoyed hearing the word “blog” in a sentence.

So I’m thinking that bloggers are people who write and post articles for specific audiences to read on the internet. I purchased a list of 250 bloggers from a marketing company that helps independent publishers market their books. These bloggers were selected for me based on specific topics that I chose: homeschooling, gardening, vegetarians, nature lovers, mothering, etc. The goal is for me to contact each one of these bloggers, offer them a free copy of my ebooks, offer another free copy of my books to give away to their readers, and in return they will introduce the books to their audience. This task sounded like an simple, easy process. I thought that I  had just purchased a gold mine.

What I have learned from this brilliant marketing opportunity is that there are a gazillion different versions of “bloggers” out there. I am truly offended that someone who is giving away free shit that someone else (companies) is giving them is considered a blogger. WTF? These people should be called Free Shit Peddlers. Then there are bloggers who are selling their own books and products. What independent author wants to market another independent author’s books? There are “bloggers” out there who get money from Amazon if you purchase an item from Amazon as a result of finding out about the product from the “blogger’s” website. One blogger was a Montessori based blogger. I thought, “Yay! I might make some progress here.” Nope. I couldn’t even get in touch with this woman, because her website kept forcing me to purchase the Montessori program that she created and published. One mother/blogger with young children claimed that she reviewed children’s books but that she doesn’t accept ebooks. I get that time is precious and full time mothers have to pick and choose their tasks, but, wow, I could tell people that I am reviewing children’s books. People can send me their books and voila! I have my own personal library without spending a dime. Another “blogger” stated, “At this time we do NOT accept self-published titles.” Boom. Boom. Boom. Hitting wall after wall after wall. I will persevere and get the word out about these books to the masses, however now I have a clearer understanding about bloggers. They are spewing vomit all over the internet.